Isaac English Piano Tuning

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6 Greenlaw Gardens, Paisley PA1 3EL

Residential & Commercial Piano Tuning
West/Central Scotland

• Servicing all Upright & Grand pianos
• Quality professional tuning & technical service
• Prompt & courteous technicians
• Satisfaction guaranteed
• Complete service for home,business, studio, theatre,school,church & concert
• Professional regulation & repair
• Timed served piano tuner technician at Peter Smith & Sons Pianos Glasgow


• Standard Service
Upright & Grand £70
For pianos in domestic situations

Servicing (recommended)

• Twice yearly tuning
Sounding at its best when tuned to A440 your piano needs tuning twice yearly to maintain this modulation

• Regulation
All Upright and Grand pianos need periodic regulation to perform their best. Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical aspect of the piano to compensate for the effects of wear, the compacting and settling of cloth, felt and buckskin as well as dimensional changes in wood and wool parts due to changes in humidity.

Full regulation service available